ONLINE LESSONS - We have been offering online lessons in Piano, Theory and fun online Recitals for over 10 years and have had students all over the world. This is a great way to not only continue your lessons during shelter in place, but also to meet other students in the studio!  Do you move frequently? A member of the military? Online lessons offer you the opportunity to continue lessons with the same teacher no matter where you go.  Give us a call for a free online lesson to see how this works.  We use various platforms to make it very easy for you!

Creative Music Students offers a variety of music programs for students age 5 and up.  Each program offers not only the fundamentals of learning music, voice and piano, but also encourages a student's natural creativity through composition and improvisation.  All of our programs are customized to the learning ability of each student and are just plain fun!!  Below are some of the classes offered and programs we use in the studio.

Voice Lessons - We are happy to offer Voice lessons to students age 10+.

Choir - Coming in 2020! For ages 10+.

Piano - We offer a variety of programs for students 4+

Online Lessons - That's right using an online conference program we are able to offer classes worldwide.

       Ages 4+
From Our Dear Friends at Inner Musician:  

"Play a Story is a unique program that uses story telling, animated books and movie clips to inspire your child to improvise and play their own music spontaneously."

There are three "Journeys" that make up the program: Song of the Zephyr-Wind, Ocean Lullaby and Travel Notes. Each Journey comes with its own set of Student Materials including:     

  • motif demonstration videos
  • animated story books
  • coaching videos
  • improvisation demonstration videos
  • "play along" videos
  • audio tracks
  • optional glossy full color books
  • downloadable playlists, motif summaries and key theoretical concepts." ♫

Score a Story - All Ages!

Learn reading and writing through composition.

Our cinematic backing tracks and intergalactic movies will inspire your learning.

Great for ANY AGE

Mission 1 blasts you into the world of rhythmic notation, teaching you to read, play and write music. With rhythmic rocket fuel we explore the ‘Planet C Galaxy’ while playing along to exclusive backing tracks and space themed short movies. You'll be playing both hands on the grand piano stave from the very beginning.

This first mission gives you a comprehensive musical experience of rhythmic notation (US and British/Australian terms) using target notes across 6 octaves, dynamics, simple and compound meter.


Learn online through skilfully guided creative play. You'll be introduced to concepts one at a time, each concept reinforced through reading and playing a new score and writing your own composition. Manuscript paper is tailored and provided for each session... simply print and create.


Sound truly epic while playing along to our 16 bar, 2 minute movies... titles such as 'Intergalactic Travel', the 'Fiery', 'Opal', 'Icy' and 'Darkest Galaxy' series, 'Cosmic Waltz' and our own take on 'Interstellar'.

Prepare for Mission 2 as we launch into more target notes, intervals, chord building, inversions and compositional patterns... out of this world!  ♬


Ages 5+
From our Friends at Piano Pronto: "An exciting and rewarding approach to learning the piano!"  

Piano Pronto is an accelerated, exciting and rewarding approach to learning the piano and is the core curriculum at our studio. It is a combination of technique, theory, fun, music exposing students to all genre of music. The materials are age and gender neutral, and written in a recital-ready contemporary style.  For adults, Piano Pronto offers "Fired Up"  a unique accelerated program for the older student.  Interested in a particular genre of music?  Love Jazz? Classical?  No worries! There is a wide variety of supplemental songbooks and sheet mus   ic titles available no matter the genre, age or level. The author, Jennifer Eklund, is a composing machine and we LOVE to see all of the new pieces and variety of music she has available to our students each week.  ♪

    All Ages:  Lots of Fun!

From Meridee Winters The newest addition to our studio.  Chord Crash Course is a super fun program for all students!

  Are you a budding vocalist?  Accompanist?  Just want to learn some chords? "Meridee's “Chord Crash Course” provides piano students with essential musical skills, great results and a strong foundation for their own creativity. Before creating the MW School of Music, Meridee Winters owned a recording studio. She found that many vocalists could not play piano or guitar, and as a result, could not write a song on their own! As a solution, Meridee developed a “crash course” that gave them the chord theory and skills they needed, helping hundreds of musicians become better writers and performers. Years later, Meridee began teaching piano to children, and found that her “Chord Crash Course” was a great tool for students of all ages. The end result is a music book unlike any other, designed to provide you with great results and a strong foundation for your own creativity."  ♬